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Country: Nepal

Tour 9 temples

Merit making program for 9 Serm Bun Serm Duang Temple

“Im Boon Unjai to 9 Buddhist temples
Merit is happiness and comfort.
Merit leads to creation
Merit is happiness and success is countless.
Merit is the moon that illuminates the walking path “

In order to support the merit Create goodness in 9 temples By the group together at Wat Chiang Man Life will be stable and lasting. It is the first temple in Chiang Mai. After Phaya Mang Rai the Great Phaya Ngam Muang Thammikarat From Phu Kam Yao or Phayao Phaya Loop or King Ramkhamhaeng the Great from Sukhothai built Wiang Lek to serve as a residence. Has completed the construction of the city of Chiang Mai and therefore built a temple reputed Wat Chiang Man with the construction of the Chedi of Wat Chang Lom. Worship Phra Kaew Khao or the sacred Sethangkamani.

  • The group arrived at Wat Duangdi. Pay homage to Luang Pho Duang Dee
  • The group traveled to the temple. To worship the sacred Luang Pho Them from ancient times with legend stories that the king who ruled Chiang Mai had fallen ill I do not lose. Has Sena Amat recommends that you pay homage to the Buddha image after he came to pay respect to the Buddha image. Praying for blessings, the symptoms will gradually subside and heal. It became a tradition for the people of Chiang Mai to come and pay homage to Luang Pho.
  • The group arrived at Inthakhil Temple. Worship Luang Pho Khao Which is enshrined in the Golden Teak Vihara, Lanna style Splendid Pay homage to the Model Inthakhil Pillar
  • The group arrived at Chai Phrakiet Temple. Worshiping the holy five tutoring gods, outstanding in reputation and honor.
  • The group arrived at Wat Muen Ngoen Kong. Which has a history of being built by Amart called Ten thousand money, worshiping the ancient Buddha image and a rare Buddha image carved from Takianthong wood.
  • The group arrived at Ten Thousand Lan Temple, the auspicious name in the heart of Chiang Mai
  • The group arrived at Sampao Temple. Meaningful A prosperous and prosperous trade is like a golden broth.
  • The group arrived at the 9th temple, Wat Sri Suphan. Worship God of Seven. Or Luang Pho Buddhism, a miracle Make a wish with Phra Ganesh Luang Tanjai Go up Viharn Kham to join the Lanna Destiny ceremony.

This package uses a sightseeing tram with a guide.
Price 599 baht / person


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