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TaTonYon Chill Chill

TaTonYon Chill Chill Tour

Travel to 3 temples in 3 communities comfortably.

Welcome everyone to Nop Buri Srinakhon Phing, Chiang Mai with friendly hospitality. As the saying “Very pleased and the Kaew guests have come to visit” leads everyone to visit the Wua Lai community district that has a valuable heritage. Inherited for more than 724 years, that is, silverware Lacquer Craft By starting the trip on time

* 4: 9 p.m. Take a tram to visit Wat Muen San Which has the Suthajitto Art Gallery, a work of art and craftsmanship, a master craftsman who is very elegant, visit the Japanese Military Museum during World War II And tell the origins of the emergence of the community Pay homage to the chedi that contains the ashes of Kruba Chao Sriwichai Saint of Lanna Thai Listen to the legend of the cool tiger

* 17: 09: The group arrives at Nantaram Temple Which is a community of lacquerware handicrafts Pay homage to Luang Pho Phet. The sacred ancient Buddha statue of Chiang Mai. See the one flood of Chiang Mai city. Bow and pay homage to Phra That Chedi Nantaram. Which is a pagoda in the legend of the King Visit the lacquerware museum Ready to buy for an affordable price

* 18: 09: The group arrives at Srisuphan Temple With the world’s first silver chapel Join the fate ceremony Have dinner like Kad Maa Kua Laeng. Lanna folk style, watch the light and sound show in the Sri Suphan Unplugged activity

* 8:09 pm take a picture together. With a chill impression, full of merit, Unjai, travel to Ta Than Yeon



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