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Pay homage to Buddha in 7 temples

Tour program “Pay respect to the 7 temples according to the auspicious city of Maha Thaksa”

Full of merit, uneasy … pay respect to the Buddha image as the city

Nop Buri Srinakornping, Chiang Mai

* A city where 7 auspicious things happen

* A city that was built according to ancient astrology scriptures with the setting of the great city. An Ming Mongkolchai

* A city with 5 gates, 4 jacks of the city

The best of this trip only … you can get it all

The group together at Wat Nantaram Which is a temple built according to Maha Thaksa, the city in the south, Montri Muang, worshiping Luang Pho Phet, a sacred ancient Buddha image Pay homage to Phra That Chedi Nantharam, which enshrines the royal hair. Visit the lacquerware museum Which is a long-standing heritage of the community

The group arrived at Wat Chiang Yuen. Which is the city with the belief that has existed since the period of Phaya Mangrai that The king, before ascending the throne, had to pay respect to the enlightenment of Chao Dejmuang. Therefore will govern the country with sustainability And pay homage to Phra That Chedi Chiang Yuen built in the Phra Muang Kaew period

The group arrived at Chai Si Phum Temple. Which is great Si of Chiang Mai

Wat Bupparam Maha Thaksa Muang is Moon Muang Chiang Mai Pay respect to the Buddha Naresak Chaipairi perish Created by King Naresuan the Great

Wat Duangdee worshiping Luang Pho Duang Dee, the sacred heart that has existed since ancient times. The old ancient temple is very valuable.

Wat Chedi Luang Great city Which is the town’s nest Used to house the emerald Buddha image Pay homage to Phra Attharos in Viharn Luang

The group arrived at Temple 7, Wat Srisuphan, worshiping Phra Chao Chet Tue or Luang Por Buddha, a miracle. Enshrined as a Buddha image in the world’s first silver temple Make a wish for Phra Ganesh Luang Tanjai Participate in the Lanna-style ascendancy ceremony for fortune-telling at Wihan Kham


This package uses a sightseeing tram with a guide.

Price 399 baht / person


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