Price Per: Person
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Country: Nepal

Meditation Retreat Half Day Morning Pickup time 8.00 am (9.00-12.00)

Meditation Camp Half Day Morning

The Meditation Retreat Schedule

7.00 a.m. Meet at Monk Chat office, Wat Srisuphan (Silver Temple) to register to take a new white clothes.
7.30 a.m. Introduction to Buddhism
8.00 a.m. Departure to the Meditation Center
9.00 a.m. Meditation practice
10.00 a.m. Break
10.30 a.m. Meditation practice
12.00 p.m. Group Photo and Return to Wat Srisuphan

Talking is a powerful way to share experiences, to create intimacy and build a connection between people. Many of us find it difficult to talk about our feelings, often because we feel so much shame about what we’ve been through. We are afraid to tell other people what we feel, or what we struggle with. We expect to be rejected of condemned of humiliated.
Share your story with someone today. It takes courage, but we are all human beings who desire acceptance and understanding. All you have to lose is shame and fear.

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Ping An 092-7951462


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