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Holy route 957

Tour program merit. Holy route 957
“Singha took my mother to travel Full of Boon Aunjai..Aew with mom. ”

Bringing everyone to Nop Buri Srinakorn Ping, Chiang Mai A town full of traditions A monastic culture that is more than seven hundred years old. The friendship of the people is ready to welcome everyone to the sacred path of merit priceless. King Nine Metallica Five Metals God of Seven
08:39: Make an appointment to meet at Wat Muen San, where there is the Sutthajitto Art Gallery, a silver machinist, ten thousand villagers, helping each other to create works and crafts. Exquisite, elaborate, beautiful, precious, ready to ride the green, fragrant tourist tram
At 9:39 am, the group arrived at Phansao Temple. Worship the Buddha image of God Saeng Kham Muang On the temple of Lanna. Delicacy Pay respect to the Phan Sao Pagoda, built from bricks, a metal furnace (Kiln Shao) to create King Kao Tu
At 10:39 am, the group arrived at Wat Suan Dok, Phra Aram Luang. Worship the holy nine tertiary god. Outstanding in progress Prosper Somboon Poonsuk Participate in prayers around Phra Chedi at Suan Dok Temple Built in the reign of Phaya Kue Na At Phra Sumon Thera Chao brought the relics from Sukhothai to present And listen to the story of Phra That Sodj Up on the vihara that Phra Kruba Chao Sriwichai built
At 11:19 am the group arrived at Chai Phrakiat Temple. Pay homage to the divine blessing of the Holy Five Taes which is outstanding in honor, reputation, recognition Join together in chanting prayers to strengthen merit
At 11:39 am, the group arrived at Wat Sri Suphan See the world’s first silver hall Respectfully ask for a blessing from God Chet Tu Notable in miracles Make a wish from Phra Ganesh Luang Tanjai Up on the temple, attend the Lanna fate ceremony.

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